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About Order of the Ebon Hawk

The Order of the  Ebon Hawk is a friendly kinship where we treat each other more like real kin than just a group of players.Our main objective is to have FUN.  We welcome each other; respect our differences, remembering that we all have our real lives and things going on in them. We are proud we have players of all levels and ability/experience.

We enjoy all the game has to offer Raiding, Instances, Roleplaying and Crafting. We do our best to keep up with new content and existing play. If there is something you would like us to help you with all you need to do is ask!

Our kin prides itself in having some of the best kin crafters in the game.  We want to make sure that our members have the best gear possible, whether it is armor, weapons, jewelery, or essences.  All that we ask is that you do your best to help our crafters with the materials that they need and let us know what you need.

We ask that there be no offensive language used in our kin chat.  Also, we have people in this kin who come from all over the world with many different beliefs so we ask that there be no discussion involving politics, religion, or explicit sexual content.

If this sounds like a kinship that you would like to be a part of, apply for membership through Elsreth (Kin Leader), Merebeth, or Blunte (Officers).  You can also apply online using our application.  Please include your main toon's name so that one of our officers can add you to their friends list and look for you online.


Merebeth, Web Site Admin


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